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Wellbeing --- resilience awards

The Resilience Awards are to celebrate your achievements throughout this past challenging year and beyond.

Developed from discussions with members of Kent Youth Voice about their experiences of 2020, these awards were created to help you recognise what you have achieved under difficult circumstances. For some of you this is learning a new skill, supporting your own or other’s mental health or getting prepared to return to full-time education. For many, it is about acts of kindness that helped you and others stay safe and well.

There are four stand alone awards ‘Ready to Learn’, ‘Mental Health Hero’, ‘Skills Superstar’ and ‘Kindness Champion’. We are inviting you to submit evidence alongside your application for an award, and in return we will recognise your efforts, with a badge, limited edition certificate, and the opportunity to be featured in our online celebration of Kent Youth.

You can apply for all four awards, all you need to do is answer three questions for each category, and demonstrate through your supporting evidence:

  • Kindness Champion
  • Mental Health Hero
  • Ready To Learn
  • Skills Superstar

To promote self- esteem we will be encouraging learners and staff to write nice comments about each other on a post it note and place it on the tree.


  • Teacher to learner - good work, good use of manners, a nice action.
  • Learners to learner – kind action, nice thought they have, a praise they have about someone

Mindful wellbeing sessions

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