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Rowhill School

Rowhill School


Rowhill School Staff Structure

Senior Leadership Team 



Responsible for:

Mr Geoffrey Bartrum

Head Teacher

Vision & strategy
Performance Management
Site Management
Specialist Teacher Service and Outreach support
Health & Safety

Behaviour & Pastoral Support/policy
Pupil Premium
Curriculum development
Staff deployment& timetabling
Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mr Keith Cooper

Head of Primary Phase

Quality Assurance
Teaching & Learning
Pupil progress/achievement
Curriculum Development
Behaviour and pastoral

Mr Richard Jones

Head of Secondary Phase

Behaviour & Pastoral support
Behaviour Data + analysis
Teaching + Learning
Curriculum Development

Mrs Elaine Mendelson Transition Hub Lead

Class Tutor

Head of Food Technology

Mrs Sarah Griffey Vocational Hub Lead

Class Tutor

PSHE Teacher

Staff Primary Phase 

Class Teacher Assistants
Sharks Victoria Sargent

Amanda Manewell

Marnie O'Rourke (PM)

Eagles Susan Welch

Lorraine Crist
Tanya Batney Wade

Lara Thompson

Pythons Tara Kotze

Gill Carter

Dominique O'Grady

Scorpions Daniel  Emptage Lynn Hookins
Gordon Turner
Elephants Sukhi Lall

Marnie O'Rourke (AM)

Jayne Jones

Louise Channon


Forest School Co-ordinator

Gordon Turner


Nurture Llara Thompson  
Trainee Teachers  

Katie Nelson 

Jess Hallett


Staff Secondary Phase 

Class Teacher Assistants


Claire Rogers

Katie Nelson



Ben Corello

Charlott Preiss


Elaine Mendleson

Jayne Monk



David Benjamin

Susan Callahan

Hasan Hassan

V1 Oliver Hoare Sandra Watts
V2 Ben Inman

Alison Cook

Josh Fihosy


Jacqui Shepherd

Amy Ward
V4 Sarah Griffey Yasmyn Baptiste
Pasteral Support

Noureddine Lyamani

Michael Callan



Vocational Staff 

Course Teacher Assistant

IMI Mechanics

Justin Hemsley

Kevin Manewell

Construction BTEC

Peter Kingsland


Hair & Beauty VTCT Sarah Griffey  

Science BTEC

Seane Mwale


BTEC Sport

Clare Rogers

Dino Lyamani
J Fihosy

Challenger troop Linda Theobold  


Ben Corello

Charlotte Preiss

Food Technology BTEC

Elaine Mendelson

Jayne Monk

Design Technology

David Benjamin

Kevin Manewell


Julie Bartlett-Fry

Susan Callahan

Music & Performing Arts

Arts Award

Sarah O’Connor



Administration and Student Support  Staff 

  Name Role

Janet Chaffey
Laura Myers


Office Manager
Finance Officer

Children & Families:

Cathy Webb

Michael Callan

Shelia Padgham

Student support

Attendance Support

ICT Support:

Philip Pay
Michael Sims

IT Technician
IT Lead

Site Maintenance David Ansell Caretaker
Kitchen Kay Murphy
Jenny Pathmanathan
Laura Fletcher
Kitchen Assistant
Kitchen Assistant

Specialist Teaching Learning Service 

Dartford District Administrator

Angela Knight

Specialist Teacher
Social Emotional & Mental Health

Elliott Blackmore

Specialist Teacher
Communication and Interaction

Jayne Field

Specialist Teacher
Cognition and Learning

Julie Radford

Specialist Teacher
District Co-Ordinator

Kirby Woods

Specialist Teacher
Early Years

Michele Yates

Specialist Teacher
Early Years

Marilyn Kay

Rowhill Outreach

Linda Jackson

Rowhill Outreach

Linda Riddell

Rowhill School Outreach

Karen Tonks