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Ethos & Values

Our mission statement

That all students aspire to be:

  •  Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors

Our vision statement

As a specialist school for a range of complex SEN which should ensure we have a highly skilled, flexible workforce to meet the needs of the all of our students, by providing a provision which meets the aspirations of the mission statement; working closely with a range of partners to enhance student outcomes.

Ethos of the school

Balanced by high levels of support for each individual’s well-being the school aims to be positive, innovative and demanding with high expectations of performance.

The values we believe are needed to attain this ethos include:

  • Teamwork, partnership & support to ensure the best possible learning environment is created
  • Personal responsibility & leadership to ensure everyone understands their roles within the school and feel a sense of well-being and achievement
  • Innovation, creativity & change to ensure that the school remains at the cutting edge of teaching and learning and behavioural development
  • Resilient, optimistic & positive to ensure all stakeholders learn to cope with success and failure to develop self-esteem
  • Challenge, opportunity & recognition to ensure all possible avenues for development are investigated and achievement rewarded
  • Honesty, trust & compassion to ensure we become an emotionally intelligent community capable of understanding the feelings of others