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Behaviour and Pastoral

Without an orderly atmosphere, effective teaching and learning cannot take place. Good behaviour and discipline underpin the ethos of Rowhill School. The values that reinforce this ethos include respect for others and for property, honesty, trust and fairness, and the virtues of self-respect and self-discipline. Pupils are taught that as they grow they take on duties and responsibilities in the community that go hand in hand with their rights.

The overriding task is to provide all pupils with the skills, knowledge and positive mind-set to be able to manage their behaviour in a range of social situations through high expectations, clearly defined rules and processes and an emphasis on personalised interventions for those in need of such support.

The Rowhill School Positive Behaviour Support Policy is comprised of a set of shared values, key principles, aims, support systems, student and staff expectations.

Further related polices such as the Physical Intervention, Interventions within the curriculum, Anti-Bullying and Relationship & Sex Education can be found here.


Rowhill and its Governors seek to ensure that it is proactive in negating any form of bullying happening in the school.   We are committed to providing a caring, safe and friendly environment for everyone.   Bullying incidents are very rare, due to a very positive ethos, the high levels of staff intervention at trigger points along with high levels of support to more vulnerable pupils. We encourage our pupils to be considerate, empathetic, respectful to each other with a great emphasis on encouraging pupils to work and play together co-operatively.  All aspects of positive pastoral and behavioural support allow a range of students to work side by side and get on, but at the same time using restorative and other ameliorative approaches to resolve issues linked to this area. Parents and families have an important part to play in helping to deal with bullying. If you are worried that your child is bullying or being bullied in school, please contact the school immediately, so that any incident can be dealt with swiftly. All incidents of bullying are investigated, followed through and reported to the relevant stakeholders.

The policy can be found here.

Relationships and Sex Education

The teaching of Relationship & Sex Education at Rowhill School, using an integrated and consistent approach, is an important aspect of pupils’ education. Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) includes supporting young people in developing self-confidence in preparing for physical and emotional changes into adulthood. We believe that the teaching of RSE should be shared with parents and be mutually supportive and complementary. It promotes an understanding of the range of family types and other people who contribute to providing children with the care, love and support they need to grow and develop, 

In this document, RSE relates to ‘learning about physical, moral and emotional development.’ It is about understanding the importance of family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care and promoting the British value of tolerance. We do not use RSE as a means of promoting any form of sexual orientation. 

The policy has been developed to ensure that staff and parents or carers are clear about the statutory requirements regarding RSE, and that the pupils receive their educational entitlement. Through implementation of this policy, the school will meet specific aspects of the legal and statutory requirements.  Every child is entitled to receive RSE. It is our intention that all children have the opportunity to experience a programme (in line with Department for Education guidelines) of RSE at a level which is appropriate for their age and physical development with differentiated provision if required. 

The policy can be found here.

Equality and Diversity

Rowhill School is committed to equality of opportunity for all pupils and staff in which people treat each other with mutual respect, regardless of: age, disability, family responsibility, marital status, race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion or belief, gender, gender identity, transgender, sexual orientation, trade union activity or unrelated criminal convictions.  We strive to educate, promote and celebrate the wider diversity of society within our school community.

Single equality Scheme statement can be within the Equal Opportunities policy which can be found here.