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Local Authority Arrangements

The admission of pupils with Statements of SEN / EHCPs to special schools is a decision for the local authority (LA) who has statutory responsibility for arranging their provision. There are admissions criteria for each special school that are applied in order to determine if a particular special school would be a suitable placement.  The admissions criteria for Kent special schools can be found by clicking this link. Please note that the relevant admissions criteria related to Rowhill School.

Rowhill criteria

Rowhill School is a Special Behaviour and Learning School for ages 5-16, who have a range of special education needs and disabilities (SEND). This provision allows for up to 150 student placements, within a range of class-based settings, that all have their own specific cohorts/needs, prescribed outcomes and provision. The range of needs provided for is set out on the SEND matrix*.Matrix. Further admission criteria is set out in the admissions table.

The main educational objectives are based around the schools’ curriculum policy which clearly outlines the hierarchical needs to be put in place to ensure all students can access learning at the most appropriate level as well as ensuring their emotional and well-being needs are met.

The School has a multidisciplinary team of educationalists, therapists, support assistants and transition support staff, who work collaboratively, to realise each student’s prescribed outcomes and potential onward destinations. Our aim is to ensure that the provision directly correlates and supports the expected outcomes (as outlined in their EHCP), for each student, as well as mirroring the aims set out in the school mission statement.

At Rowhill School, we adopt a personalised approach to learning underpinned by good practice with relation to positive behaviour management, communication, sensory, independence and life skills in line with NAS best practice.

‘All forms of behaviour are seen as communication and need to be understood in relation to their SEN, flexibility and planning is then developed to help students manage their own behaviour and access learning. Student’s needs are valued, respected and understood and linked to personal provision plans.

Rowhill School is based in Longfield, North-West Kent. All admissions are managed by the North Kent SEN team. All students will need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to access Rowhill School. Their need type will need to be in line with the Kent descriptors*and the Rowhill matrix. Entry to the school will be dependent on :

  • Student needs match the descriptions in the LA and school criteria
  • Places available within the cohort (age/ need type)
  • Additional information such as parental visit, student observation in current school, additional assessments/ information
  • Up to date paperwork

Occasionally observation and assessment placements will, be agreed to ensure the placement is correct.

These include;

  • A Statement of Special Needs / Education Health Care Plan
  • The wishes of the parent
  • The nature of the child’s needs and previous educational experiences (if applicable)
  • Pupils whose learning difficulties cannot be met in a mainstream school
  • Recommendations of the referring body
  • The suitability of Rowhill School for the pupil

Admissions are made through referral by the Kent Local Authority with the agreement of the school governors. Pupils will be admitted when there is a vacancy within the appropriate Key Stage, if oversubscribed they will be placed on a waiting list. Current availability of places should be checked with the Area Education Office.

We will assess pupils who are referred in their existing schools before they are offered a place to ensure that we can meet their needs and that the placement is appropriate. We visit pre-school pupils at home so that discussions are held within a familiar and more relaxed environment.  Parents are given the opportunity to visit Rowhill before being admitted. Sometimes a short period of induction, including a part time placement, is employed if it will be beneficial to a child’s successful transition into school. After admission, parents are invited to attend Rowhill to discuss with the class teacher, how their child has settled into school. All pupils admitted to the school will have been authorised by the case worker representing the Local Authority before admission. For further information on admissions you may either contact the school 01474 705377 or the SEN Department on 03000 419345. Numerous agencies, for example health, social services, adoption and fostering services, may also refer a potential pupil to Rowhill School. Other schools and parents may also make informal enquiries to the school and be invited to visit before any formal procedure is followed. These approaches are welcomed by the school as they help other professionals and carers to gain a clearer understanding of the types of difficulties the school caters for.

Refusal of Admission

The governors reserve the right to refuse admission in the following cases:

  • Places are fully subscribed and admitting pupils over this number would be incompatible with the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources
  • The school would be unable to meet the needs of the pupil
  • Admission of a pupil would compromise the Health and Safety of pupils and/or staff within the school, or would seriously compromise or disrupt the education of pupils already within the school

For more information on the SEN admissions process please follow the link below.

Advice for parents and guardians on school admission appeals