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Rowhill School

Rowhill School

6th form curriculum

We are currently developing a 6th form offer which is directly linked to Goldwyn College, Ashford. The aim is to give students time to develop their independence and confidence in order to access future learning, employment or training To do this the curriculum will be based around post 16 pathways of:

Community, Friends, Relationships Independent Living
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Social integration
  • Personal, Social & Health Education
  • Transitions & destinations
  • Life skills
  • Communication skills
  • Travel training
  • Personal safety
Education & Employment Maintaining Good Health
  • Functional core skills
  • Vocational offer
  • Work experience
  • Independent Careers Guidance
  • Leisure
  • Therapeutic programmes
  • Wellbeing & Fitness
  • Personal choice

The outcomes, targets and destinations will be agreed within the EHCP before students start in the 6th form.

Admission is through the local SEN office but most of the students will have been at Rowhill School but need a more supportive environment to allow further access to education.  Criteria is as follows;

The criteria for entry into6th form students would be for students who find it challenging to move directly into a mainstream college environment. They would have a range of SEN including SEMH / ASD / LD needs

The curriculum would be personalised to meet the needs of the EHCP but would include a great degree of offsite provision including college courses and activities. The base for the students will be semi-independent from the school from September 2018 to ensure they move away from the school culture to one of more choice, independence and socialisation. The curriculum for September 2018 is being modified further to ensure the provison links in with the Goldwyn College aims.