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KCC Update

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The lockdown has been challenging in many ways for many of us in the UK. Obviously I am particularly aware of how tough it has been and remains for families that have children with special educational needs and disabilities in the household. Many of the support services normally provided for our families, such as short breaks or respite have been closed or offering a restricted service due to the pandemic, in light of this we have been looking at other ways of providing support. At DMT today we agreed that in collaboration with We Are Beams (a charity that supports disabled children and young people), to offer a new scheme to allow families to buy toys and activities to keep children entertained and help alleviate some of the pressures. We will be providing up to £250 for every child or young person who meet the eligibility criteria. Please find more information about the scheme and how to apply and the request form.


Some quizzing for the weekend?

Thank you Dover Youth, who have been having quizzes with young people, just to keep their brains active. The staff have also tested them out, now it is your turn! Have a go, without using the internet!! (P.S. no peeking at the answers!)


Make your own Facemasks

For those asking for instructions on how to make face masks, this YouTube channel has been recommended by Tina Thudrow (who was featured in an earlier bulletin with her completed face masks). “This is the style that has a pocket, to add an extra layer / filter. Suggestions include clean, dry, un-fragranced baby wipes and coffee filter bags cut to size too if you wish. I like the iron on interfacing. It stays in place and is an un-woven layer .”


Other top tips from Tina are:


  • elastic is really hard to get hold at the moment , but you can use other options, including shoelaces!
  • Narrow elastic is best, about 4-5 mm wide. If you can’t get that, you can buy wider elastic and cut up the ridges.
  • Fabric, as mail order is hard, or delivery is long, buy reduced cotton duvet covers.