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  • Reconnect Discount Card

    Published 17/05/22

    Kent County Council’s Reconnect programme is working with community groups and organisations to provide a fantastic array of different opportunities for children and young people.

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  • Virtual Autism support clinic

    Published 11/05/22

    Virtual Autism support clinic available for families living in Dartford, please see image below for details on how to book.

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  • Online Parents Workshops

    Published 01/04/22

    There will be a host of online parent workshops during term 5, please see below for more details


    All dates have been added to the Rowhill School calendar

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  • Anti-Bullying Survey

    Published 01/04/22

    Every child in the school completed a paper based survey on anti-bullying. For safeguarding reasons Cathy W and Sarah G analyze learners answers to ensure that any concerns raised are dealt with effectively. The learner's answers are then entered online for Salus to create our anti-bullying survey report.

    We have recognised that the learner's perception of what bullying is, may not always be accurate. On-going sessions through PSHCE will continue to address this. Many of these learners when talking to or answering questions in the survey refer to previous experiences of bullying, which happened at their previous school prior to joining Rowhill School

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  • Trip to the London Eye

    Published 31/03/22

    T5 Trip to the London Eye.

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  • Understanding your child online parenting courses

    Published 30/03/22

    Free online courses starting during pregnancy and continuing up until a child’s 19th birthday

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  • International Roma day concert

    Published 29/03/22

    International Roma day concert.

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  • Rowhill School class closures

    Published 25/03/22

    Rowhill School class closures

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  • Rowhill School - Autism and sleep

    Published 21/03/22

    Emotional Wellbeing team and learners from Rowhill School have created 2 animations on ASD children with sleeping disorders. The purpose of these animations is:

    • Voice of the child – a key focus identified within the emotional wellbeing and resilience tool kit
    • To support children and families who have ASD and sleeping difficulties
    • To raise awareness of these issues and mental health within school and wider community
    • To improve working relationships with professionals




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  • Holiday Activities and Food Programme

    Published 15/03/22

    Families of children aged 4 to 16 years, who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals, can access these opportunities in the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays for free.


    Evouchers (part of Wonde) have partnered with Kent County Council to support them with their HAF provision for Easter.
    The ordering process is similar to when you order FSM vouchers through the Evouchers platform. 
    How it works

    • Sign into Evouchers
    • Create new order
    • When selecting the voucher type, please select Haringey Holiday and Activity Voucher
    • At the checkout, select ‘HAF funded by Kent County Council' from the Who is paying for this invoice dropdown
    • Send vouchers as normal to parents

    Once vouchers are received, parents are able to book their children on activities for the Easter holidays. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the following article.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Evoucher support team directly or access the help resources available (see below):

    Need help?
    Join a webinar here
    Help centre:

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  • Ksent creative concert event

    Published 11/03/22

    Primary and secondary students again took part in the Ksent creative concert event in collaboration with The Big Reveal and the Revelation strings orchestra.

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  • Easter attendance competition

    Published 23/02/22

    Easter attendance competition

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