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Rowhill School

Rowhill School


Thank you for visiting our website. The aims is to give the reader a flavour of the character of the school, things we do and the way we do it. As a designated special school for students with a range of learning and behavioural needs we have to provide for a wide range and inter-linking SEN.

Currently, we offer provision from the age of 5 through to 18, divided into the traditional phases of Primary (5-11), key stage 3 (11-14, key stage 4 (14-16). There are, however plans to reorganise this structure to provide more flexibility and capacity in September 2019.

As a Kent special school we obviously prioritise students from the north-west districts of Dartford, Gravesham and Sevenoaks but we occasionally offer places beyond this area when capacity allows.

We work closely with our partner schools within the Kent SEN Cooperative Trust which helps support, develop and innovate provision that aims to meet the expanding need within the future context of SEN.

We hope that you will be able to find the information that you require on the following pages and links. However, nothing replaces a visit and seeing our special school ‘in action’. We pride ourselves on collaborative and partnership work and enjoy having visits from a range of people. So please explore our website and come and see us (please make an appointment) you will receive a warm welcome into a positive and supportive environment.


Geoff Bartrum

Head teacher

September 2019